• How much biomass does the system require?

    Our gasifiers consume around 1 kg of dry wood per 1 kWh of electricity generated. To generate 200 kW of electricity continuously (say 8,000 hours/year based on 90% uptime) you will need around 200 kg/hr of chunk wood with a maximum 18% moisture.

  • What thermal output is expected?

    In addition to the rated electrical generation, there is process heat. of the 200kWe system will provide around 300kWt recovered from both: the generator set exhaust (~550°C) and the engine radiator (~75°C). This heat can be utilized for any purpose, such as a district heating scheme, feedstock drying, greenhouse heating, etc..

  • What else is needed to operate the system?

    Electric power – at start-up, a source of 3 phase electricity (grid or small generator) is required for the electrical control and data systems and the start-up blower. For water supply – the system uses a small initial amount of clean water retained within a closed loop system.

  • What if the requirements are larger than the Biopower system solution?

    It should not be a problem. Our system can run multiple units side by side. This has the added advantage of minimizing the amount of time when there is zero production due to downtime (maintenance, etc.)

  • Is gasification carbon neutral?

    Gasification is commonly accepted as a carbon neutral process. It fits in the carbon cycle in perfect harmony by using responsibly sourced biomass as fuel. The carbon dioxide released from the gasification system is re-absorbed by plant life through photosynthesis, creating a complete carbon cycle. Fossil fuels release sequestered CO2, adding to the total amount of CO2 found in the Earth’s atmosphere.

  • Is gasification the same as incineration?

    GASIFICATION IS NOT INCINERATION. Gasification is oxygen starved chemical thermal cracking releasing no harmful compounds, unlike incineration. Gasification makes incineration obsolete in efficiency and environmental safety.

  • What is a biomass gasifier?

    A biomass gasifier is a device that converts biomass (chunk wood, biomass briquettes made from straw and other such densified agricultural residues), into a combustible gas called Producer gas (syngas). The producer gas’ calorific value is 4000-6500 kJ/m3,  which is much less than LPG/CNG. Typically flame temperatures of over 1000°C can be achieved by this gas.

  • What is the gas generated from the gasifier?

    The gas generated from the gasifier is called producer gas (syngas). The main combustible components of the producer gas are Carbon Monoxide (15-25% v/v), Hydrogen (15-20% v/v), Methane (2-4% v/v) and small quantities of other higher gaseous hydrocarbons besides other non-combustibles like Carbon Dioxide (8-20% v/v) and Nitrogen (40-42% v/v).

  • Will the installation of a gasifier make the work area dirty/unhygienic?

    The producer gas generated from the gasifier can be piped to reasonable distances. Hence, the gasifier can be located in an area that will not affect the actual work area. Therefore, effectively, there will be no difference in the work area. In some cases, the work areas are cleaner as there no oil spillage possible around the burner area.

  • What is the start-up time required for the gasifier?

    The syngas production starts within 30 minutes, up to 75% capacity can be achieved within 60 minutes and 100 % within 1.5 hours.

  • What is the maintenance schedule for your gasifiers?

    Scheduled maintenance twice a month is essential for trouble-free, uninterrupted operation of the gasifier.

  • What amount of time is required for scheduled maintenance?

    Typically 6-8 hours.

  • How much area is required for installing a gasifier?

    The required area for the gasifier would depend on the system’s total capacity. Typically, a 1000 kWe system can be installed in an area of 600m² with an additional 300m² for feedstock storage and drying.

  • What is the typical delivery time of a gasifier after placement of order?

    Maximum 18 months from the date of order acceptance.

  • What is the time required for installation of a gasifier?

    Typically the gasifier can be installed within 45 days if all the civil/site works required is complete at the time of start of installation. The time required for completing the gasification piping would depend on the site conditions (length, complexity, etc.).